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coaching bannerMy Focus

In my work with clients, I view every aspect of that work through the lens of The Law of Attraction.  We all use The Law of Attraction every day in all aspects of our lives.  Most of us are unaware of its presence.  It is like “gravity”.  It works consistently and identically for every single person.  It is at work whether you believe in it or not. I will teach you how to use The Law of Attraction to live the Life You LOVE!

My Specialty

My primary focus is working with clients that desire to live a life filled with more passion in every aspect.  Passion is a very misunderstood quality.  The term passion can bring images to mind from the bedroom all the way to our life’s work.  It is my perception that these images are the expression of passion…not actually passion itself.  Like happiness, many people seek passion everywhere but where it actually lives. When you find the passion within you, you can then express it in anything you choose to be, do or have.

Other Coaching Services Offered

  • Life Balance Skills
    • Learning to maintain balance in all areas of your life, while challenging, truly sets you up for success.  Wouldn’t you like more time to spend with loved ones and more time to do the things your heart desires?
  • Communication Skills
    • While communication is becoming a lost art, learning to communicate effectively enhances every relationship in your life.
  • Boundary Setting Skills
    • Learning to set firm boundaries is one of the BEST gifts you will ever give to yourself and those you care about.  Setting good boundaries not only gains the respect of those around you, but, more importantly, gains your own self respect!
  • Healthy Confrontation Skills
    • One of the most misunderstood terms…”confrontation” merely means “to face”. Somehow, the term has gained all kinds of connotations that are simply not true.  Confrontation does not have to be ugly or messy. It can be calm, gentle and from a loving heart when you understand how to approach it properly.
  • Learning to Navigate Your True Feelings
    • Through my work with clients, I have discovered that there is a fairly large percentage of people that do not know what feelings feel like.  They have emotionally closed themselves off to their feelings to prevent themselves from being hurt.  Unfortunately, you cannot close yourself off to negative feeling and open yourself to positive feelings.  It just doesn’t work that way.  It’s like a door…it’s either open or it’s closed! When you close yourself to the negative, you also close yourself to the positive.
  • Learning to Utilize Your Inner Guidance System
    • We all have this truly amazing Guidance System built right into us.  Once you understand how it works, knowing which direction to go and what to do becomes infinitely easier.
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