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"Conversation with Myself" by artist Lorri Acott. I purchased this lovely piece of sculpture because I resonated so deeply with its message. Daily, it reminds me to be conscious of the conversation I am having with myself and to choose wisely. Click the image to learn more about the artist.
“Conversation with Myself” by artist Lorri Acott. I purchased this lovely piece of sculpture because I resonated so deeply with its message. Daily, it reminds me to be conscious of the conversation I am having with myself and to choose wisely. Click the image to learn more about the artist.

Hi…I’m Maddox.

My main goal and focus is to assist you in discovering and living your Purpose, Passion and Joy.

I believe you were led to this site so we can work together on any blocks, limiting beliefs, and resistance you may have that prevent you from moving to the next level, aligning with your authentic self and living in your abundance.

Albert Einstein’s definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

In 2005, while going through a particularly painful time when I was entertaining the idea of leaving the planet, I was presented with the opportunity to work with a life coach.

Although I had done a fair amount of personal growth work and I had worked with a couple of therapists, I had never entered into a coaching relationship. I will always remember it as truly a defining moment in my life.

I was amazed at how quickly my life turned around.  Instead of focusing on all the things that I felt were wrong with my life, my coach directed me to focus on what I wanted and to take action steps toward my desires.

My time spent working with that coach totally changed the way I navigate through life. I will, forever, be grateful!

My experience was, ultimately, what led me to become a coach. It is my desire to make a difference in other’s lives the way my coach made a difference in mine.





How We Work Together


Here is what my clients have to say about working with me…

"There were three main issues that I was experiencing and I knew that I would not heal unless I had someone to help show me a different perspective. 1) my relationship with my birth family and not feeling valued or wanted. 2) the frustration of my past mistakes and trying to find the “right” approach in dealing with feeling disrespected. 3) frustration and dread on a daily basis when driving and making judgments about others being self absorbed and inconsiderate. I was tired of replaying the same stories and feeling the same lower emotions. Coach Maddox creates a safe place and I always feel supported and respected even when he challenges me to consider a different perspective. I knew and felt him being there for me and that I could say anything without judgment. As a result of my coaching with Maddox, the old story of not being good enough has faded and dissolved. It has been replaced by knowledge of my value and greater self respect. I feel more confident in who I am and much less judgmental of any learning opportunities (mistakes) that I have made."
Lou UrbanQSCA Certified Coach
Before working with Maddox, I was struggling with my youngest daughter’s defiance and anger tantrums. I was experiencing many sleepless nights. I held in my anger and I took it out on others. My focus on the people that I was angry with made me unhappy. I was easily frustrated with everything and everyone and it held me back from enjoying life and time with my family. I had become a negative person a lot of the time. Hearing about great experiences from others inspired me to work with Maddox. My favorite part of coaching is you never know what you are going to get, but you always gain something GREAT! I gained knowledge about myself and others and the part I play in each relationship. Maddox provided a safe and welcoming place to work through any level of struggle I was experiencing. I'm happier with every aspect of my life since coaching. Coaching helped me realize that the anger my 8 year old daughter was experiencing was stemming from me. As painful as it was, I was able to identify exactly where this anger was coming from within me. Coaching gave me the tools so that I could let go of what was needed and deal with the rest. In my own way, I was able to tell my daughter that this was not her fault…that she didn’t need to carry this pain around any longer. I was also able to let myself off the hook and make necessary changes in our daily interactions to support our relationship. Since this experience, my daughter’s anger and outbursts are few and far between and not even close to the level they once were. Thank you Coach Maddox!
Teresa L
"One of the pressing issues was about the direction of my career. I was constantly trying to control situations rather than getting in touch with what I really wanted and cultivating my true intentions. As a result, I was stuck in my career. I was in a "neither here nor there" state and it influenced my mood and my overall quality of life. I wasn't present and at the same time I wasn't accomplishing anything according to my true intentions. Discovering Coach Maddox was serendipity. In the first session he helped me realize just how out of touch I was with what I want in my life. It was literally minutes into our first conversation when I found profound inspiration within. I'm most grateful for the decisions and actions that followed working with Coach Maddox. I made some big decisions according to my true desires and since then opportunities have opened one after the other. My income has actually increased, my colleagues have graced me with accolades, and I'm consistently more inspired to be wonderful at what I do. Even more importantly, I have a sense of joy that permeates my entire life."
Armand G. HowardMA, LPC
"Maddox has a gentle nature that elicits a sense of comfort when speaking to him. He is an attentive listener who offers many thoughtful insights. His coaching helped me with a relationship issue I tried to work through for many years to no avail. He did not offer opinions or judgments but instead he helped me develop skills to better manage boundaries. This breakthrough has not only led to improved communication with this person but with many other people in my life. I trust and value his advice tremendously. Thank you Maddox!"
Angela Cooper
"Since the commencement of the sessions with Coach Maddox the intellectual and life changing prosperity was immediately apparent. I can understand how some individuals could feel apprehensive to appointing a life coach in their life for many reasons and to that I say, the authentic and legitimate time spent and progress produced by spending a minimum of 60 minutes on the phone with Maddox was astonishing. My work weeks increased in productivity, my personal level and capacity of thinking outside of the box was pushed even further and what I thought were larger issues I needed to tackle, were in fact minimized through the progressive stages of higher thinking, awareness and the Law of Attraction that Maddox effortlessly guided me through. Maddox has opened my eyes and I am perpetually thankful to him for his genuine coaching sessions with me."
Thomas D.
"My challenge has been not reaching my financial goals. My belief system was that success was hard and I took that literally. I've always taken the responsibility, being very hard on my self and then trying another strategy and set of tactics…usually just throwing money at the problem. However, Maddox asked a simple question. Are you ready to stop struggling? Then he helped me formulate a new belief of a sense of ease in success and also a feeling of security. I feel so much happier and there is a feeling of support and trust in my ability to succeed with ease and grace."
Valerie G.Hypnotherapist
"We are attracted to true authenticity...we are repelled by the lack thereof" ~ Maddox

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